Adding Links to your Products

If you have a long list of products, you may be looking for the ability to create links that will take your customers directly to a specific product on your storefront.

Strictly speaking, this isn't a feature of Checklick Storefront, but it is possible! If you are familiar with basic HTML, you can probably manage this yourself, otherwise your web master may need to assist you. Here's how (instructions are for the Chrome browser):

  1. Each product on the storefront page is identified by a unique ID number. Open up your Storefront page in Chrome, and turn on the "inspector" tool. If you are using Chrome on a PC, hit Ctrl + Shift + I.
  2. Scroll to a specific product, right click the title, and select "inspect". This should reveal the specific part in the page's HTML that renders that product.
  3. In the inspector, look for a <div> element for the product you wish to link to. This element should have class "product" and a unique ID number. Copy this ID number.
  4. If you want a link in your Storefront description text (ie the text at the very top of the page), add HTML like this to your general info: <a href="#1234">Link to Product ABC</a>, where 1234 is the ID number you copied.
  5. If you want a link outside of your Storefront (ie on your own webpage), add HTML like this to your web page: <a href="">Link to Product ABC</a>, where 1234 is the ID number you copied.