Recording Offline Payments as paid

If you've selected the option to offer Offline Payments through your Storefront, you'll want to record payments that you’ve received. In order to accept offline payments, you will need to purchase credits. 

You can set up your Storefront to accept registrations without credit card payment where you can offer 4 different options;

  1. Pay later by cheque
  2. Pay later by cash
  3. Pay later by E-transfer
  4. Charge Membership account

When your customer chooses one of these options upon checkout on your Storefront page, they have successfully registered however, the payment is still outstanding until you receive the funds via cheque, cash or you've charged them through your own internal membership billing process.

Once you've received the payment, you'll want to record that payment for which you've received the funds.

To record payments, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Transactions page on the Storefront tab
  2. On the left-hand side under Transaction Types, make sure Payment Receivable only is selected
  3. Click on record a paymentTransactions_page_Record_Payment_Owing.png

A dialogue box will pop up and if the payment owing is part of an order containing another sub-product offering, you can either record the entire order or just the amount for the sub-product offering.

The record full payment option is the total order amount including any other sub-product offerings within that order. The record payment of option is the amount that is owed only the sub-product offering that you’ve selected. You can also record a partial amount of the amount owing for the sub-product offering that you’ve selected by typing in the partial amount in the text box. By default, the amount for the sub-product offering that you’ve select is displayed. Record_a_payment_dialogue_box.png