Using Storefront for Regatta Registration (and Sailwave)

Setting up your regatta

Running a regatta? Checklick's Storefront is a great way to collect your registration information and payments. You can even export a list of all registrants into a file that can be imported into Sailwave. Here's how:

  1. If you haven't already, set up your organization and storefront in Checklick.
  2. Add a new product in your storefront. Make sure to select the product type regatta from the product type dropdown. This product will represent your regatta.
  3. Add a SKU to your regatta product, and fill in the start dates, end dates and price.
  4. Click show details on your new SKU. You'll see additional fields that are specific to regattas, like Class, Fleet and Division. These will be shown to your registrants when they are registering.
  5. Click update at the top right corner to save your regatta product and SKU.

When you create a new regatta product, Checklick will automatically add storefront questions to your storefront that are used to collect information specific to Sailwave. These questions will be set to mandatory by default, but you can set them to optional, or remove them all together if they aren't necessary for your regatta. The one thing that you cannot do is change these questions' names - Sailwave requires the questions in a specific format.

Exporting your regatta registrations to Sailwave

Once people have registered for your regatta, you may want to export their information into Sailwave. Here's how:

  1. Start on the Inventory page. 
  2. Find your regatta product. You should see a link entitled export to Sailwave beside your regatta product. Download this file (it's a CSV file, which you should be able to open and edit in Excel or any spreadsheet software)
  3. Launch Sailwave, start a new series, and click import competitors from a Sailwave file.

If you need assistance using Sailwave, visit their user group, or read through the help documentation on the Sailwave website.