Downloading checklist PDFs and certificate PDFs

Once you perform and save an evaluation on a person, you then have the ability to download and print out PDF checklists and PDF certificates within Checklick.

A PDF Checklist is simply a PDF document with the checklist content and evaluations for a particular person, which can be printed or emailed to the person.

A PDF Certificate is a PDF document that represents the person's achievement of a particular level in a checklist. You may wish to print these out on quality paper and hand them out to the person once they achieve a level.

Each PDF's branding is set by the organization that created the checklist. Your organization's branding (logo and details) will also be included in the PDF. 

To download a certificate or checklist, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your organization or coach account (if you do not have your account credentials, go to, and click on the forgot password link).
  2. Click on the People tab.
  3. Click on the checklist to the right of the person you’d like to download the certificate or checklist for.
  4. Click on the checklist or certificate icon top right of the page on the level header which you’d like to download the certificate or checklist for. A PDF will begin to download.

Some quick tips:

  • The certificate icon will only appear if the status of that particular level has been set to ‘achieved’.
  • You can download multiple PDF checklists and certificates at a time using the side menu on the People page. 

Note: There is a limit in the number of downloads that can be performed at once. If you need to download more, simply select the people in batches. 

  • Checklists: 25 people max
  • Certificates: 100 people max