Creating Logbook Templates for a Checklist

Logbook Entry Templates

Checklick gives every person their own logbook, where they keep a record of things that they do.

Sometimes, organizations want people to record specific things in their logbook that are part of achieving a skill or level in a checklist. Checklick makes this easy for everyone with logbook entry templates.

A logbook entry template is a set of text fields that you define as part of your checklist.

For example, if you have a checklist for a weight loss program, you may want people to record the details of the meals they eat each day. When people go to create a logbook entry, they'll be able to select a logbook entry template, which will guide them through the information they need to enter to satisfy the requirements of your checklist.

Creating a Logbook Entry Template

Here's how to set up a logbook entry template:

  1. Start on the Checklist page, and find the level you want to have a logbook entry template for.
  2. Click the edit this checklist button.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, until you see the Logbook Entry Templates header.
  4. Click Add Logbook Entry Template.
  5. Enter a name for your logbook entry template in the Template Name field. For example, "Meal Log"
  6. Enter a prompt for your template in the Logbook Entry Template Prompt field. For example, "Time of Day", "Calories", or "Ingredients"
  7. You can add additional prompts to your template by clicking Add Logbook Entry Question and entering the additional fields
  8. Using the Entry Type drop-down menu, you can select the type of log entry. The options are textradio buttons, and checkboxes.
  9. When you are finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Checklist

Making a Logbook Entry Part of your Checklist

Once you've created a logbook entry template, you probably want to make it a requirement in your Checklist. We recommend simply creating a checkbox skill on your checklist (something like "Made five meal log entries in their logbook"). 

Checklick makes it quick and easy to check a person's logbook directly from the same page you use to perform evaluations on people. Look for the logbook link near the top-right of the checklist evaluation page, just under the save button. This will open a quick-view of the person's logbook.