Downloading PDFs using the Action Menu

If you have a big group of people who you want to download and print PDF checklists or credentials, Checklick let's you do this in a few steps using the mass action menu:

1.  Log into your organization or coach account (if you do not have your account credentials, go to, and click on the forgot password link).
2.  Click on the People tab.
3.  Click show action menu just below the search bar (to the left of your screen) to slide open the mass actions menu.

4.  Select the group of people whom you’d like to download PDFs for by ticking off the checkboxes to the left of each name. You can also click on select all or select none on the mass actions menu.

5.  In the mass actions menu, click download latest checklists or download latest credentials. A single PDF, containing all of your people's checklists or credentials, will then be downloaded by your browser.

Quick tips:

  • You'll notice that the link on the mass actions bar says download latest checklists and credentials. This means you'll be downloading the level that was last updated for each person (which may not be the highest level that person achieved).
  • If you want to download a specific checklist or credential that isn't the latest one downloaded, you'll need to download it individually by clicking on the person's checklist, finding the level you want, and clicking the download checklist or credential button.