Downloading PDFs using the People page

If you have a big group of people who you want to download and print PDF checklists or certificates for, Checklick lets you do this in a few steps:

  1.  Log into your organization or coach account (if you do not have your account credentials, go to, and click on the forgot password link).
  2.  Click on the People tab.
  3.  On the left side of the list, you’ll see a number of different tasks you can perform.
  4.  Select the group of people whom you’d like to download PDFs for by ticking off the checkboxes to the left of each name. You can also click on select all or select none above the list.
  5.  Use the drop-downs to select the checklists or certificates you’d like to download. A PDF will then be downloaded by your browser.

Note: There is a limit in the number of downloads that can be performed at once. If you need to download more, simply select the people in batches. 

  • Checklists: 25 people max
  • Certificates: 100 people max