Viewing A Person's Logbook Entries

If you are performing an evaluation using a checklist that has logbook requirements (for example, "volunteer as a referee 3 times"), you can easily view the person's logbook on the same page as the checklist skills.

Here's how to view a person's logbook entries:

  1. Start on the People page, and click a checklist to the right of the person you are interested in.
  2. On the dark grey bar at the top of the page, click view logbook.
  3. A logbook view will pop up. If the person has any logbook entries, they will be displayed here.
  4. Click the x in the corner of the logbook view box to close it and return to the checklist.

NOTE: you can download a .CSV of the person's entries by following steps 1 - 3 above, then click on download all entries.

Some quick tips:

  • You'll notice that log entries using an entry template that is part of this checklist will be displayed at the top, making it easy to see the most relevant logbook entries first.
  • Longer logbook skills will have a small + button on the bottom right. Click this button to expand a particular entry.