Import A Spreadsheet of People

The Basics

If you have a big group of people you want to add to your People page, you can import a spreadsheet with their information, and Checklick will create accounts for each person.  You can additionally use the spreadsheet to add tags allowing you to group people.

Here's how to import a spreadsheet of people.

  1. Start on the People page, and click the add people button (the little person to the right of the search bar). The add people box will appear. Click Add Multiple People via Spreadsheet on the bottom.
  2. Make sure your spreadsheet's format matches instructions on the bottom of the page. In particular, make sure that your email addresses are formatted correctly, and that your date cells are formatted as a date (when using Excel) or formatted like this: YYYY-MM-DD (when using CSV).  We suggest uploading a .xls or .xlsx file to retain the correct date format during import.
  3. You can also download a spreadsheet template from the Add People via Spreadsheet section.
  4. TIP: You can also export a list of the people that are already on your people page and just add to the list to import new people.  You can download this list at any time and keep adding people to the list. In the import process, Checklick will just skip any people who already exist in your database.  Click here to view the help article on how to download a spreadsheet of people on your people page.
  5. In the Add People via Spreadsheet, select your spreadsheet file.
  6. You'll be taken to a page called Confirm Your New People. Review the people to be added. If Checklick finds any existing accounts that match people on your spreadsheet, by default, Checklick will use their existing accounts, and will not update their information. Information such as usernames and passwords will not be changed for existing users.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add People when you are ready to add these people to your People page. You will see an added icon beside each person's name when they have been successfully uploaded. Make sure you don't leave the page before all of your imports have completed.

Advanced Options

If you have other information about your people that you want to import into Checklick, you can use tags to save that information. 

For example, if some of your people have peanut allergies, you might want to tag those people with a tag called Peanut Allergy. Here's how:

  • On your spreadsheet, add a new column, with a header Peanut Allergy
  • On each person's row, put a 'y' or 'Y' in the Peanut Allergy column if they have that allergy.

Now, when you upload the sheet, a tag called Peanut Allergy will be applied to just those people.  You can do the same if you'd like to group people by classes.  In this case you could use the following format:

  • On your spreadsheet, add a new column, with a header Week 1 Beginner Class
  • On each person's row, put a 'y' or 'Y' in the Week 1 Beginner Class column if you'd like to apply that class to the person and later be able to sort your people page by this group name



Perhaps you want to include a detail that is specific to the person, such as a membership number? You can import this information and save it as a tag detail. Here's how:

  • On your spreadsheet, add a new column, with a header Member Number.
  • On each person's row, enter their specific member number in the Member Number column.

Now, when you upload the sheet, a tag called Member Number will be applied, with a detail that is their member number.

If you don't want a tag applied to a person at all, just leave their cell blank, and no tag will be applied.

Quick Tips

  • The mass-import feature is non-destructive. This means that it never changes or removes information already saved in Checklick. For example, if you upload someone, and they already have an account, none of their information will be changed. The only exception to this rule is tags. Tags can be added, removed or replaced via mass import.  As an example in the diagram below, Jane has been tagged with a "peanut allergy".  We an see that in our spreadsheet because of the "y" in the "Peanut Allergy" column.  If we remove the "y" and upload the spreadsheet, Jane would no longer be tagged with a peanut allergy.


  • All newly-added people will receive an email from Checklick informing them that they've been added to your organization.
  • This feature is only available when you are using a desktop computer - it isn't available on a mobile device.