Organizing People with Tags


If you have Organization Manager privileges, in Checklick, you can use tags to organize people.


A tag is a piece of information about a person, which you can use to help group and organize people. Some special tags also grant people permission to do things.

Tags appear as little rounded boxes beside peoples' names on the People page.

Tagging people has a number of benefits. You can group people by categories so that you can then search by that category and perform mass actions for only that group. It also provides you with a way to organize your people page. You can use tags to group people into any category you’d like.

To apply tags to one person:

  1. Log into your organization or coach account.
  2. Click on the People tab.
  3. Click the person's name. You'll be taken to their profile page.
  4. Under the Tags and Affiliations section, you'll see a new tag field. Enter your tag text here and click the plus sign.

To apply tags to multiple people:

  1. Log into your organization or coach account.
  2. Click on the People tab.
  3. Select the group of people you’d like to tag by ticking off the checkboxes to the left of each name. You can also click on select all or select none.
  4. On the left-hand side, type in the name of the tag in the tag selected text field, then click the plus sign.

Viewing, Adding and Removing Tags

Whether or not a tag can be viewed, added or removed depends on which type of user you are:

  • Any person can view and remove tags added to their profile.
  • Evaluators can view any tags on a person's profile that belongs to their organization.
  • Organization managers can view, add and remove tags from people within their organization.
  • Organization managers can also view, add and remove tags from people who are in other organizations that are licensing a checklist from their organization.

Some quick tips:

  • You can search for all people with a specific tag. On the People page, on the left hand side you’ll see a list of tags. Click any tag to search for all people with that tag. 
  • You can filter by all SKUs that are happening today. This includes any SKUs that have a start date prior to today and an end date later than today, as well as SKUs that have today as a start date. To do this, click All Happening Today under Purchases. Note that this will only appear if there are SKUs that match the criteria.

  • Any person can remove a tag on their own profile if they wish (by clicking the x on the right side of the tag). Some special tags (like affiliated with or evaluator for tags) have different rules for removal, since their removal affects the abilities and permissions that person has.
  • Tag names are limited to 50 characters.