Emailing and Calling People from Checklick

Checklick allows you to email people with the option to attach checklists and certificate PDFs to people in your People page.

If you are on a mobile device that allows phone calls, you can also call people directly from Checklick.

To email, call or send credentials or checklists to people in your database:

  • Log into your organization or coach account (if you do not have your account credentials, go to, and click on the forgot password link)
  • Click on the People tab
  • To email a person, click on the email icon. From the dialog box, you can attach a checklist or certificate PDF and include a reset password link by ticking off the checkboxes at the bottom of the email dialog box.
  • To make a phone call, click on the phone icon. This will bring up a dialog box with the phone number. If you are on a mobile device that allows phone calls, tap the phone number to make a call.


  • The phone button will only appear under people who have a phone number saved to their profile.
  • People are able to unsubscribe from emails sent from organizations. If this is the case, Checklick will alert you that you are trying to send an email to a person who has unsubscribed.