Active Evaluator Counts

Each of Checklick's paid plans limits you to a number of active evaluators, either per month or per year. 

An active evaluator is someone who has used a checklist your organization owns to perform one or more evaluations. For example, if your coach awards a level to an athlete, that coach is now an active evaluator.

It doesn't matter where a person was evaluated - if they were evaluated by your organization or another organization that is subscribing to your checklist, your active evaluator count is still affected.

An active evaluator is only ever counted once per month or year. Even if an evaluator performs multiple evaluations, evaluates using multiple checklists, or evaluates at more than one organization, that evaluator will only be counted once.

It's important to note that the active evaluator count referenced on the Manage Subscription page in your Organization tab is only applicable to checklists that you create in Checklick.

You can create any number of checklists and your active evaluator count will only be used up if someone from your People list (or from an Organization licensed to use your checklists) with evaluator privileges is evaluating people based on the checklists you've created. 
What if you're licensing other Organizations' checklists?
If you are using another Organization's checklists, you are subject to payment and terms that the Organization has set at the time that you requested the license.  The Organization can choose any method of billing including, per organization, per evaluator, or per participant.  However, this invoicing is done exclusive of the Checklick platform and is addressed directly with the Organization that owns the checklist.