Creating a Checklist in French and English

Checklick is available for use in both English and French.

If you are creating a Checklist, you are able to add both English and French content to the checklist. This way, if someone else is using your checklist, and their preferred language is French, they will be able to use your checklist in French.

To make your checklist available in French:

  • Log in to Checklick
  • Click the Edit Checklists tab at the top
  • Click edit checklist on the checklist you wish to make available in French
  • Scroll down to the section called Checklist Language Availability and check the box labeled Make this checklist available in French
  • Click the update button on the top of the page to save your change

You will now see two text fields for each element of your checklist: one for English and one for French. French text always will appear in blue.

People using your checklist will only see either the English or French text, depending on which language they have selected in their profile.

Quick tips:

  • If you make your Checklist available in French, but do not input French text for a checklist element, Checklick will use the English text in place of the missing French text.
  • Checklist PDF background images and logos are not translatable, meaning that any logo or background image you use should either have no text in it, or text in both languages.
  • If an evaluator is using Checklist in English, but is sending a checklist PDF to a person who is set to French, the PDF will be generated in French (the language of the person the PDF is for).