Setting Up Your Storefront

There are four major steps to setting up a new storefront:

  • Connecting to your bank account (using Stripe)
  • Choosing your storefront’s web address
  • Adding products
  • Making your storefront visible to the public

Connecting to your bank account
Checklick Storefront uses Stripe to process credit card payments on your behalf, and also to deposit payments into your bank account. When you first setup your storefront, you will need to click the connect bank account button.

You will see a form with some questions about yourself and your organization. Stripe requires this information for anti-fraud purposes, and to connect your bank account to your storefront. Once you submit your form, you will be returned to your storefront setup page.

In most cases, your Stripe account will become active immediately, and you’ll be able to launch your storefront right away. However, if you are having trouble with this step, please don’t hesitate to contact us for support.

Choosing your storefront’s web address
Your storefront will have a web address in the format of, where something can be any word or phrase you choose. There is a 62 character limit, and only lower case letters are permitted. By default, you’ll see your organization’s name at the start of your storefront’s web address, but you can change this at any time.

Adding products
Products are things that you sell on your storefront. You can sell five types of products in your storefront: Classes, Events, Memberships, Regatta and Items.

A Class is something that people attend that has a start and end date (like a course). An Event is something that happens on a single date (like a BBQ). A Membership is something that people are given for a specific number of days (and will begin as soon as it is purchased). Regatta is competitor registration for a regatta, which can be imported into Sailwave. An Item is usually a physical thing you are selling (like a t-shirt). 

Each product has one or more SKUs. For example, you may have a “Beginner Juggling” class, with three different dates and prices. If you like, you can limit the number of SKUs available for purchase by entering a number in the quantity field.

By default, each product is set as taxable, meaning that any taxes you setup in your storefront will be automatically applied to your customers’ purchases. You can uncheck the taxable box to make a specific product non-taxable.

If you wish to temporarily hide a product from your storefront, uncheck the available checkbox near the top right of your product.

Making your storefront visible to the public
You can preview your storefront at any time by clicking the Preview link at the top.

When you are ready to open your storefront to the public, check the Storefront Visible checkbox at the very top right of the storefront setup page. Remember to update your storefront by clicking the Update button.