Branding Your Storefront

Checklick Storefront lets you choose a banner image that will be displayed at the top of your storefront page. You can upload this image on the storefront setup page.

What kind of image can I use?

Your Storefront page is set up to work on any kind of web device, from small phones to large desktop computers. This means that the width and height of your banner image will change depending on the screen size of your customer's web device. Here are some tips to picking a great banner image:

  • Use a high resolution image (at least 1200px wide by 200px tall).
  • Your image will be stretched to the full width of the page automatically, and any excess image on the top or bottom will be cropped out.

Where can I find images I can use?

Most storefront customers use images they take themselves. However, you can also find images on the internet that will work well for your storefront page. A good place to look is Flicker. Flicker lets you search for images that the photographer will allow you to use for commercial purposes. 

For example, if you are a sailing club, here are a few images from Flickr that will work well, and are usable for commercial purposes:

Adding Text to Your Storefront

You can also add text to the top of your storefront page in the general storefront information section. This may be useful if you want to provide your customers with general information, such as a refund policy or promotional information about your organization.