Why Do I Need A Stripe Account?

Checklick Storefront uses Stripe to process all credit card purchases and to deposit all payments into your bank account. Stripe is among the world's most trusted online payment services providers, and using Stripe has several advantages:

  • Usually, you can start processing payments right away. Other payment services providers make you wait days or weeks for a paper-based application to be approved.
  • Your storefront will be charged a predictable 5% fee for all card types, including reward cards and AMEX.
  • Your customer’s credit card details are stored with Stripe, rather than Checklick. Because of the volume of transactions processed through Stripe, it is held to the highest security standards.

We appreciate that the Stripe setup process asks for quite a bit of information. Fortunately, this is a one-time process. If have any questions about the information that Stripe requests, please contact us.