Setting Up Discounts

Checklick storefront has two types of discounts: SKU discounts and order discounts. Both discounts can be either ‘dollars off’ (for example, $20 off) or ‘percent off’ (for example 10% off).

SKU Discounts
Your customers will see SKU discounts as checkboxes beside each SKU on your storefront page. For example, you may choose to offer a “bring your own lunch” SKU discount that takes $5 off the cost of a class. Customers can opt-in to these discounts after they add a person to a particular SKU.

By default, any SKU discount you add will be available to all SKUs in your storefront. However, if you wish, you make a specific SKU discount unavailable for a specific SKU. To do this, scroll up to the Products section, find your product and SKU, and under the header ‘available discounts’, uncheck the SKU discount you want to make unavailable.

It is important to note that Checklick does not verify whether a customer is eligible for a particular SKU discount. For example, if you choose to offer a “member discount”, it will be up to you to ensure that non-members do not opt-in to this discount.

Order Discounts
Order discounts are automatically applied to your customer’s entire order, but only if that order meets the criteria you define. An order discount can have one of the following criteria:

  • order is made before a specific date (an early-bird discount)
  • order is has a minimum number of items (a volume discount based on item number)
  • order is a minimum value (a volume discount based on the grand total of the order)

Discounts and the Waitlist feature

Are you also using the waitlist feature? Here's how discounts work when a customer joins a waitlist.

  • When you charge and add someone from a waitlist who selected a SKU discount, that SKU discount will be applied to their new order only if it still exists. Also, if the SKU discount name or amount changed, the newer values will be used.
  • When you charge and add someone from a waitlist who's order included an order discount, only the order discount that the new order qualifies for will be applied. Any order discounts that the original order qualified for may not be applicable on the new order.