The Storefront Checkout Process

If your customers would like to contact you to ask questions about the offering on your Storefront page, your organization’s contact information is prominently displayed on the top of the Storefront page.

To help you understand the checkout process, we’ve detailed it below. Keep in mind that Checklick Storefront is designed to work on any device so the checkout can be performed on both desktop and mobile devices.

The checkout process on your live Storefront page for which the link will be (, occurs in this order;

  1. Click on add to cart to the right of the sub-product offering to purchase and register for.
  2. Enter the first, last name, email and birthdate of the person participating in this offering. This is the minimum information required by Checklick to create an account and go through the registration process. (If Checklick finds a matching account, you'll be asked whether you'd like to use the matching account or create a new one.)
  3. Fill out any additional information including Personal Information Requirements and Profile Questions that have been set up on your Organization page.
  4. If you have set up any Add-ons, your customer will see all the available and applicable add-ons.
  5. Any Discounts and Storefront Questions that you’ve made available for the Product offering that has been selected, will be presented to the registrant. (All Storefront Questions assigned as mandatory for the sub-product offering selected must be answered before moving on to the payment process).
  6. Your customer will be required to check off the "I agree to these terms of service" checkbox. They will also be asked to agree to Checklick’s terms of service, as well as your organization’s if you choose to add terms. Additionally, they will be asked to type out their name as a digital signature.
  7. The customer will be asked to either Checkout or Keep Shopping. If you'd like to add a new person purchase with a new person, click Keep Shopping and add any new purchases to your cart. This time, you'll be asked whether you'd like to add the same person or another person.
  8. The customer will see the cart items listed on the right side of the screen. Depending on what payment method has been set up as an option to your customer, at least one of the following payment options will be displayed:
    1. Pay by Credit Card 
    2. Pay later, with cash
    3. Pay later, with a cheque
    4. Pay later, with e-transfer
    5. Charge member account
  9. If the options from B - E have been selected, the person paying will be asked to enter their first, last name and their email address where a receipt will be sent. After information is entered, they can click on Submit Order.
  10. If Pay By Credit Card has been selected, the customer will be taken to a page where they’ll need to enter the credit card #, expiration date, CVV and Postal or Zip code.
  11. Once processed, your customer will see a successful payment popup with details of where the PDF receipt was sent, order # and in addition, they can download the receipt.

After your customer’s payment is successful, they will see a confirmation page with the total of their payment and a confirmation number. A detailed PDF receipt will be emailed to the purchaser, and emails will also be sent to each person for whom was listed as a participant of the product purchased. The receipt will also contain a date stamp of the purchase and the terms of service agreed to at that time including Checklick’s terms of service.

On your organization’s People page, you (i.e. your organization’s manager and evaluators) will see the names of each person on the order, tagged with the product offering name that was purchased for them. You’ll be able to search for people on your people page by the product offering name.