Refunding A Storefront Purchase

To refund a customer’s purchase:

  • Click Storefront at the top of the screen. You should be on the Orders page.
  • Search for the customer’s order. You can search by purchaser email, product name and SKU recipient name.
  • Click the order to show its details. Find the person and SKU you wish to remove.
  • Click Refund or Remove. The Refund and Remove lightbox should appear.
  • Click Refund Only, enter the refund amount, and click Confirm Refund Only to complete the refund.

NOTE: by default, the full amount paid will be displayed in the refund amount lightbox however, to issue a partial refund, enter the amount you'd like to refund.

If the refund was successful, you will see a new line on the order showing the refund date and amount. It may take up to 7 business days for a refund to appear on your customer’s credit card statements.