Removing Someone From A Purchase

You may wish to remove a person from a purchased SKU without issuing a refund.

For example, if a person was removed from a course due to bad behaviour, you may wish to free up their space in the course without offering the customer their money back.

To remove a person from a purchase:

  • Click Storefront at the top of the screen. You should be on the Orders page.
  • Search for the customer’s order. You can search by purchaser email, product name and SKU recipient name.
  • Click the order to show its details. Find the person and SKU you wish to remove.
  • Click Refund or Remove. The Refund and Remove lightbox should appear.
  • Click Remove Only, and click Confirm Remove Only to complete the removal.

This person will no longer be tagged with the name of the SKU you removed, and the available quantity of this SKU will increase by 1 on your storefront.