Receiving Payments from Storefront (Bank Transfers)

Checklick will automatically deposit all payments (less Checklick fees) into the bank account you entered when you first created your storefront. Checklick calls this a bank transfer.

By default, Checklick will consolidate all of your payments into one transfer per day. The first transfer you receive may, however, take as long as 7 days before it is initiated.

You can see which transfer a particular payment falls into by clicking View Orders, and clicking the order you are interested in, and scrolling to the bottom. You'll see a breakdown of:

  • Checklick Storefront Fees
  • Net Payment Transferred
  • Transfer Status

To see a list of all transfers, click View Bank Transfers. Clicking on a particular bank transfer will show you it's details, including which payments are included in that particular transfer.

For easier accounting and bank account reconciliation, you can also download a spreadsheet of all bank transfers by scrolling to the bottom of the View Bank Transfers page, and clicking the link to download a spreadsheet of all transfers.

If you have any questions about a particular transfer on your storefront, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.