Adding and Assigning Questions to Storefront Products and Sub-Product Offerings

If you want to collect additional information from your storefront customers (which isn't already collected by Checklick), you can add a question to your storefront, and assign it to one or more of your products:

Here's how:

  1. Click on the Storefront tab
  2. Go to the Options page in the black sub-menu
  3. Scroll down to the Questions section and click on create a new question
  4. Enter your question name for example, “What is your t-shirt size?”Create_a_Storefront_question.png
  5. Select a type for your question. A text question will let your customers type in any text into a text box as an answer. A checkbox will let them select from up to 10 choices, and a radio button will let them select one choice from a list of up to 10 choices.
  6. If your question is either a checkbox or radio button, make sure to enter your choices. Once you enter your first choice, the option to enter your second choice will appear
  7. If you have products already created, you will be given the option to make that question either hidden, optional or mandatory for each one of the product sub-offerings displayed
  8. If you’d like the answer to this question to be shown on a PDF attendance sheet, check off this box
  9. Once you’re finished applying your questions, click Save on the bottom of the dialogue box

After you add a question to your storefront, it will be automatically applied to any sub-product offerings as an optional question. If you add a new product and sub-product offerings, any existing questions will be automatically applied as optional.