Viewing Answers to your Storefront's Questions

If you’ve set up storefront questions, you can view the answers that the registrant answered to those questions:

Viewing one person’s answers

  1. Click on the Storefront tab
  2. Go to the Transactions page on the black sub-menu
  3. Use the filters on the left of the page or type in the person name in the search bar to find the person
  4. Once you’ve located the purchase you'd like to view the Storefront answers to, on the right-hand side, click on view order xx-xxxx
  5. On the order, you’ll notice the answers to any questions that were asked of that person at the time of their registration

Viewing Storefront questions answers for multiple groups

  1. Go to the Storefront > Inventory page
  2. Use the filters on the left-hand column to filter down your selection of products and sub-product offerings. For example, you can select or deselect any of the product or sub-product offerings by checking off the checkboxes. In the example below, Gymnastics Beginner and Stand up Paddleboard Course are selected.Screen_Shot_2020-04-01_at_9.24.25_AM.png
  3. To download a spreadsheet, click on Download Lists (with Question Responses)