Evaluating Multiple People at Once

Checklick lets you evaluate multiple people at once using the same checklist. For example, if you are instructing a group of people on the same skill, and your entire group masters the skill, you may wish to mark that skill as mastered on all of their checklists.

Here's how:

  • Start on the People Page.
  • Click the show action menu link on the top right of your people list.
  • Select or unselect the people you wish to evaluate.
  • In the side menu, scroll down to the section entitled Mass Evaluations. Click the link evaluate selected people using [checklist].

You'll be taken to the evaluation page, where you can evaluate all of the selected people at once.

Some tips on mass-evaluation:

  • Checklick will only update the skills you change when mass-evaluating. For example, if you change the first skill, but don't change the second skill, and hit save, only the first skill will be saved to all of the selected people's profiles.
  • You'll notice that changed skills highlight blue to indicate that they have changed since the page was loaded.