Adding Resources to your Checklists

Does your organization have resources (documents, spreadsheets, images or PDFs) that might be helpful to people using your checklists? For example, you may have a collection of lessons plans, or a standard evaluation procedure document, that you wish to share with your evaluators and participants who are being evaluated.

Checklick lets you attach up to 5 files to your checklists as resources. These resources can be downloaded by anyone who has licensed that particular checklist.

Here's how to add resources.

  • Start on the Checklists page.
  • Click edit on the checklist you wish to attach resources to.
  • Under the Settings header, scroll down to the section entitled Checklist Resources, and choose your file.
  • Click Update Checklist to save your resources.

Evaluators using your checklist will be able to view and download your resources by clicking the small Resources button, just underneath the Save button when they are evaluating.

Some tips on resources:

  • Remember to click Update Checklist after you select your file, otherwise your resources won't be applied to your checklist
  • Checklick lets you upload up to 5 files as resources. Resources are limited to PDF, Microsoft Office and image files only