Managing Your Waitlist

When a customer joins a waitlist for a product, Checklick will still ask them for their credit card details, but will not charge them for any SKUs they are waitlisted for. You will be able to charge and add a person on the waitlist for that SKU, as long as that SKU has availability.

As a manager of your storefront, you can add more availability to a SKU two ways:

  • Removing a person from a SKU
  • Increasing a SKU's quantity.

You can do both of these actions from the Inventory and Waitlists page, which can be found by clicking Storefront, and then Inventory and Waitlists.

The Inventory and Waitlists page will show you a summary of all products and SKUs. You can click any SKU to see the details.

On the left is a list of all people for whom the SKU was purchased. Clicking anyone's name on this list will give you a menu of options, including removing them from the SKU. At the bottom of the list of people is a link to the edit storefront page, where you can increase a SKU's quantity. 

On the right is a list of all waitlisted people (if any). If a SKU has availability, you can click a waitlisted person's name, then click charge and add. You'll see a lightbox describing what the customer will be charged.

Once you click the charge button, Checklick will attempt to charge the customer's card. If the charge is successful, the customer will receive a new receipt, be removed from the waitlist, and added to the SKU.

Some tips on the charge and add function:

  • The total charge amount includes any SKU discounts the customer selected, using the current values.
  • Volume order discounts that the customer may have qualified for on their original order will not be applied.
  • To avoid chargebacks, please make sure that the customer is aware you are charging their card.
  • The customer will receive a receipt for this charge via email. You will see a new order on the Order page for this charge.
  • The customer will be added to this SKU only if the charge succeeds.