Managing Your Waitlist

When a customer joins a waitlist for a product, Checklick will still ask them for their credit card or another payment method if you’re using Offline Payments. Your customer will not be charged at this time but will be notified that they will be charged once a spot becomes available and you’ve added them to the product. 

As a manager of your storefront, you can add more availability to a sub-product offering two ways:

  • Removing a person from a sub-product offering
  • Increasing a sub-product offering quantity of available spots

To view your waitlist and add people to a sub-product offering, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Storefront tab
  2. Go to the Inventory page in the black sub-menu
  3. Use the date filters on the left-hand side or search bar to filter by the product that you’re looking for
  4. Once you locate the product, click on the waitlist on the right-hand sideWaitlist_People_list.png
  5. Click on “squeeze in” and view the details of what happens when a person is squeezed into a sub-product offering