Downloading an Attendance Sheet

Although Checklick works great on tablets and phones, sometimes it's easier to have a printable list of people. Maybe you need to print a paper attendance checklist or keep a list of everyone's contact details in case of emergency.

Checklick lets you download a PDF document listing some or all of the people on your People page. This is called an attendance sheet. You can even filter the attendance sheet using tags. Here's how:

  1. Start on the People page.
  2. If you want to filter your people by a specific tag, click the tag you’d like to search by in the menu on the left.
  3. Click attendance sheet under Download.

Checklick also has a feature that allows you to download an attendance sheet for every participant that is registered by using the "filter by Storefront purchases" filter


The attendance sheet displays general contact and emergency contact information but in addition, if you're using Storefront and want to include answers to Storefront questions your customers have answered during the registration process, you can set up your Storefront to include them in your attendance sheet.

Note: A limit of 500 people can be added to an attendance sheet. If you need to download more than 500, simply select people in batches.