Transferring a Purchase

Here's a common scenario: someone purchases a training course from your Storefront page. A few weeks later, they call you and ask if they could move to the same course, but a week later. 

You can use the Storefront transfer feature to move a person from one purchased SKU to another, and collect payment (or issue a refund) for any net difference in the price of the two SKUs. Here's how:

  • Log in to Checklick, and click Storefront.
  • Click the Inventory tab. 
  • Click the SKU for the class that the person originally purchased. You should see a list of names of people for whom the SKU was purchased.
  • Click the person's name, and then click transfer. The transfer lightbox should appear.
  • Select the SKU for the class you wish to transfer the person to.
  • Click charge at the bottom.

How do transfers work?

A transfer is made up of 4 steps:

  1. The person's credit card is charged the price of for the new SKU.
  2. The person is added to the new SKU.
  3. The person's credit card is refunded for the old SKU.
  4. The person is removed from the old SKU.

It's important to note that the customer will see two transactions on their credit card statement when you do a transfer: a refund and a new charge

If you've already refunded some of the original purchase price, you'll notice that the transfer refund amount will be the remaining, unrefunded amount for that original purchase.

You'll be able to select SKU discounts for the new SKU, if any are available. Tax and Order discounts will be automatically applied, if applicable.

Why don't I see the transfer option?

If your order was made on Checklick Classic (ie you started using Checklick prior to 2016, and you were moved to the latest version in the late summer/early fall of 2016), you will not be able to transfer someone from one SKU to another. 

Why not? Unlike today's version, Checklick classic did not store credit card numbers. As described above, transfers involve refunding and then re-purchasing a SKU for a person. Without a credit card number stored, it isn't possible for a new charge to be created.

The current version of Checklick uses Stripe, a credit card processing partner, to store credit card details.