Transferring a Purchase

You can use the Storefront transfer feature to move a person from one purchased sub-product offering to another, and collect payment (or issue a refund) for any net difference in the price of the two sub-product offerings. 

Here's how:

  1. Log in to Checklick, then click Storefront
  2. Click on Transaction in the black sub-menu 
  3. Locate the transaction by using the filters on the left-hand column or the search bar
  4. Once you’ve located the transaction, on the right-hand side, click on transfer
  5. Select the sub-product offering you’d like to transfer the person to
  6. Note the details of the new charge or refund that are outlined
  7. If any Storefront questions have been made applicable to the sub-product offering you’re transferring to, you’ll be required to answer them
  8. Click transfer at the bottom


How do transfers work?

A transfer is made up of 4 steps:

  1. The person is removed from the sub-product offering you are transferring from
  2. The person is added to the new sub-product offering you are adding them to
  3. The person is either refunded or credited depending on if the net difference between the sub-product offerings is a charge or a refund (if this is a credit card purchase, this is reflected on your customer’s credit card statement)
  4. If there is an add-on on the original purchase that you are transferring from, Checklick will look at the total amount paid including the adding. This is what will be compared to the amount of the sub-product offering that you are transferring to. For example, Jennifer purchased Product A for $100 + a $20 add-on for a total of $120. If you transfer Jennifer to Product B that costs $100, Jennifer will be refunded $20.