Non-Credit Card Payments

Did you know that Checklick's Storefront lets you accept orders from customers without a credit card?

If you prefer, you can allow your customers to place an order, and commit to paying you later, either by cash, cheque, or by charging their membership account.

Here's how to set it up:

  • Click the Storefront button at the top, and click Setup.
  • Scroll down to the Options section, and check the box that says Allow non-credit card payments.
  • Choose from the three payment options (cash, cheque, membership payment). 
  • Save your storefront by clicking Update.

Now, when customers are on your storefront page, they will see different buttons at the bottom left corner of their screen for completing their order.  Those available payment options will correspond to what you've setup on your Storefront Setup page. 

It is not possible to disable credit card payments - this will always be a default available payment method for your customers.

Non-credit card payments aren't processed or vetted in any way by Checklick. Ultimately, you are responsible for collecting payment from these customers, so it's important to weigh the risk of customers not paying you with the convenience of giving them alternate payment options.

Once you've received a payment from one of the non-credit card payments options, you can record the payment in Checklick to ensure that your received payments balance.