Adding A Person To A SKU, Without Payment

If you are a manager of an organization with a Checklick Storefront, you don't have to use your public storefront page to add people to SKUs - there is a faster way!

As long as your organization has an active storefront with at least one SKU, you can quickly add people to SKUs from the People page. Here's how:

  • Start on the People page. Find the person you want to add to a SKU. Click their name.
  • On the lower right side of the page, find the section entitled Add to Storefront SKU. Click Create Order.
  • A lightbox will appear. Select the SKU you with to add the person to.
  • Select any discounts that should apply to their order.
  • Select which payment method the customer will later pay you using (cash, cheque or membership charge).
  • Confirm the email address that the receipt will be sent to (by default, the same email address as the person you are adding).
  • Click Create Order.

You'll now see a tag on this person's profile indicating that they've been added to the SKU you selected.

Note that this feature creates a new order, but doesn't record any payment for the order. Once your customer pays you for their order, you'll need to record that payment in Checklick.

If your customer wishes to be added to a SKU, but pay via credit card, please ask them to use your public Storefront page to register themselves.