Merging Checklick Accounts

If you're managing an organization, sometimes duplicate accounts for people get created. Fortunately, there is an easy way to merge duplicate accounts into a single account.

Here's how:

  • Start on the People page.
  • Select the duplicate people you wish to merge (by checking the boxes next to their name). You may need to first unselect all people before you make your selection). Note that you'll only be able to merge up to 5 accounts at a time.
  • Click the merge selected people link.
  • A new box should appear. Review the accounts that you are about to merge, and click merge accounts.

What will happen when I merge accounts?

Accounts are merged in three steps:

  1. The last created account (ie most recently added to Checklick) becomes the account that all other information is moved to. Any blank fields in this account (like address or phone number) will be filled in with information from the older accounts you selected, starting with the next newest account.
  2. If there are fields that have been filled in on all the accounts being merged, the information entered in the last created account is retained
  3. If there is any overlapping evaluations, none of the entries are lost but instead, merged together and the history icon will show evaluation history from all the accounts that are merged.
  4. All other account information (like tags, evaluations, certificates, storefront orders and log entries) are transferred to the last created account.
  5. All accounts except the last created account are deleted.