Migration Guide for Checklick Classic Users

How do I log in?

You may have used a sport-specific login page in the past (like Now, everyone uses the same login page, which is


Is my username and password the same?

Your username is the same. However, for security reasons, we keep all passwords encrypted in such a way that even we can’t read them! This means we aren’t able to copy your password over to the new version of Checklick. Because of this, we’ve reset your password to be the same as your username.

We recommend logging in and changing your password to something else as soon as you’re able. You can also reset your password.


Has any other information changed?

In the latest version of Checklick, we require four pieces of mandatory information: first name, last name, email address and birthdate. In Checklick classic, birthdate was not always required. Also, sometimes Checklick classic would allow you to enter an email address that isn’t valid (for example, mark@gmailcom or

If your Checklick Classic account was missing (or had erroneous) information in any of the four mandatory fields, you’ll see dummy information in those fields. We recommend updating those fields as soon as you’re able.


How do I add an athlete?

Adding an athlete is much simpler in the latest version of Checklick! You no longer need to register athletes for a course for them to appear in your list of people. Just click the add person button near the top right of the page on the People page to get started.


How do I add an instructor?

Adding an instructor (now called an evaluator) is very similar to adding an athlete. Just click the “add person” button near the top right of the page on the People page to get started.


How do I select multiple people and mass-evaluate / mass-email / mass-download them?

By default, the People page doesn’t show the little checkboxes beside each person (unlike Checklick Classic).

Start on the People page, and click “show action menu” to reveal the checkboxes, select all/none buttons and mass actions. 


Can a person belong to multiple clubs or organizations?

Yes! This was one of the landmark improvements in the latest version of Checklick. A person can be associated with multiple clubs or organizations at the same time. A person can also have different roles at each organization they are affiliated with. For example, they can be an athlete at one organization, an evaluator at another, and a manager at a third.

If your account is affiliated with multiple organizations, you’ll have just one username and password. If you want to switch between one organization and another, click the small user icon on the top right corner, and pick the organization you want to switch to.

You can also add or remove yourself (or others) to and from other organizations.


Why do I see email addresses with “”?

This is a dummy email address that was added to any profile with a missing or invalid email address from Checklick Classic. We recommend searching for this email address on the People page, and updating anyone’s account that is using this email address.


What happened to all the emergency contact information and health information?

The following five fields in Checklick classic were merged into a single new field called “Emergency Contact Instructions”:

  • Guardian 1 Name
  • Guardian 1 Info
  • Guardian 2 Name
  • Guardian 2 Info
  • Emergency Contact Info

The following two fields in Checklick classic were merged into a single new field called “Health Notes”:

  • Health Card Number
  • Health Card Notes

What happened to my custom profile fields?

Custom fields work a bit differently in the latest version of Checklick. In most cases, the information from custom fields in Checklick Classic was migrated into tags. You can see a person’s tags by opening their profile page.

In other cases, where a club or organization was using the online registration feature, custom fields were re-created as SKU questions in the new Storefront feature of Checklick. You can see a person’s answers to SKU questions by opening the details of their order.