Profile Questions

Does your organization need to collect information that isn't one of Checklick's standard fields? For example, does your organization give membership numbers to each person?

You can add profile questions to your organization in Checklick, which will ask these questions each time a person is added to your organization. Whenever someone answers your profile question, the answer will be saved on that user's profile as a tag.

Setting Up Profile Questions

Here's how to set up profile questions:

  1. Log in as the manager of your Organization.
  2. Click Organization at the top.
  3. Look for the section entitled Personal Profile Questions.
  4. Click add profile question.
  5. If you want to make the question mandatory, select mandatory from the dropdown menu.
  6. Enter a question that will be asked of the new person. For example, "What is your shoe size?".
  7. Enter a tag name that will appear beside the answer on each persons' profile. For example, "Shoe Size". When an answer is saved on a user's profile, the tag will look like this: Shoe Size: 11.
  8. Select an answer type for your question. If you select checkbox, a user will be able to check more than one thing, and each checkbox answer will be saved as a separate tag.

Downloading Answers to Profile Questions

Answers to profile questions are saved as tags on each person's profile. To download a spreadsheet of answers:

  1. Start on the People page.
  2. Select the people you wish to download (by default, all people are selected).
  3. On the left-hand side, click Spreadsheet under the Download header. A spreadsheet will then be downloaded by your browser.
  4. You'll see each profile question as a separate column in your spreadsheet, and each person's answer will be in the cell adjacent to their name.

Notes on Profile Questions

  • Checklick will only ask a person to answer a Profile question if they are being newly affiliated with your Organization. It won't ask profile questions if you are adding a person who is already affiliated with your Organization.
  • If a person answers a profile question, but already has an answer to that question saved, the old answer will be overwritten by the new answer.