Creating Multiple Storefronts

Do you need to run multiple, independent Storefronts in Checklick? It is possible!

Before you start, you should have already created two or more organizations, managed by the same person in Checklick. 

  1. Log into your Checklick account.
  2. Click the context menu at the top right of your screen. Note which organization you are currently acting under. 
  3. Click on the Storefront tab, then click Setup.
  4. Click on "Account Setup Required" and begin filling out the information that Stripe requires. Make sure to enter the exact same email and password as your Checklick account. Submit this form.
  5. Go to, and enter the login credentials you just entered in the previous step.
  6. On the top left of the screen, you should see your organization's name. Click this area, and a menu should appear. Select create new account. Follow the steps to create a second Stripe account. This new stripe account will be linked with your first account, so that both accounts are affiliated with a single email address and password. (An email will be sent from Stripe, to activate your second account.  Follow the email instructions to activate your account).
  7. Once account is activated, log into Stripe.
  8. In a separate tab or window, log into Checklick again.
  9. Click the context menu at the top right of your screen, and switch to the other organization you wish to have a storefront.
  10. Click on the Storefront tab, then click Setup.
  11. Critical Step: Click on "Account Setup Required". This time, you should see a different page with a dropdown menu. Stripe will give you the ability to choose from your existing Stripe accounts. Select the second Stripe account you created, and submit the form.
  12. You should be taken back to Checklick's Storefront setup page.