My emails aren't getting delivered

If you find that your email recipients are complaining that they are not receiving your emails sent through Checklick, here are some common situations that may be used to help you diagnose the problem.

If you repeatedly have difficulty sending email to specific email addresses, it often indicates one of these reasons;

  • Email got bounced
  • Email was marked as spam
  • Email was blocked from being delivered
  • The email address that you sent to was invalid
  • The recipient has unsubscribed from emails

Troubleshooting steps;

  1. Make sure that the person you're sending an email to hasn't unsubscribed from emails. You can do this by clicking their name on the People page, and looking under their email address. If unsubscribe is checked, Checklick will not send emails to this person.
  2. Check the email address character for character and verify that it's correct.
  3. Ask the person to check their spam folder for the email.
  4. If the email address is a work email address, the person's IT department may have implemented stringent filter settings.  In this case we suggest that the person use a personal email address instead.

If none of these steps solve the issue, please send us an email at and provide the email address or the person's first and last name that you are sending the email to.