How do I view and download a Storefront Inventory List?

With any purchases that you receive through your Storefront, you can view and download your entire inventory.

To view your inventory, you'll want to;

  1. Log into your Checklick account
  2. Click on the Storefront tab
  3. Click on Inventory (If you have people waitlisted, this page will be labelled Inventory and Waitlist)
  4. Locate your product by scrolling between each page or using the search bar
  5. If you have maximum quantities set for your product SKU's, you'll notice that there is a bar graph indicated the number of quantities purchased for each SKU
  6. Click on each one of the SKU's to open up a list of all purchasers

To download an inventory list spreadsheet, you'll want to;

  1. Follow steps 1 - 4 above
  2. To download an inventory spreadsheet for all SKU's within a product, click on download inventory report to the right of the Product name
  3. To download and inventory report for a specific SKU, click on the SKU to expand it, then click on download inventory report for [name of SKU]