What can I do with the Checklick API?

If your organization already has a membership database or other system, you may be wondering what the best way to integrate your systems with Checklick.

Checklick features an API (Application Program Interface). Think of an API as one-half of a bridge connecting Checklick's data with your own data. We provide a documented and consistent way for your own systems to connect to ours, and you and your developers work out how to best use that connection to keep Checklick and your systems in sync.

Some examples of how you might use the API include:

  • Updating your own membership databases when someone is added to Checklick
  • Pulling lists of which people have been awarded which levels
  • Adding large numbers of people to Checklick (when spreadsheets are just too big)

Need some guidance on connecting your existing systems to Checklick via the API? Just send us an email to, and we'll help you out!