Add my Organization terms of service

If you're managing an organization, you may want to add your organization's specific terms of service. The terms of service are used/visible in the following instances;

  • If you are using Storefront;
    • and selected the "require consent" option, the terms will be visible to your customers and they will be prompted to agree to the terms
    • The terms of service will be printed on your customers receipt upon checkout
  • If you are under the Manager Services Package (MSP) and using the Include link for people to create an account feature, people creating their account will be required to consent to your terms of service

To add terms and conditions for your organization:

  1. Log into your organization's manager account (if you do not have your account credentials, go to, and click on the forgot password link).
  2. Click on the Organization tab in the header.
  3. Scroll down to Organization Terms of Service and enter your text.
  4. Click Update Organization to save your changes.

Not sure what to write? Here is a sample template to serve as a starting point for writing your own. Please note that these are not Checklick's own terms of service, and should not be interpreted as a recommendation from Checklick.