Adding Age Restrictions to Storefront Purchases

Is your organization selling a product via Storefront that you want to restrict to people above a certain age?

Checklick lets you add age restrictions to each of your products. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Storefront tab
  2. Go to Preview and Edit
  3. Find an existing product, or add a new one
  4. Create a sub-product offering
  5. Click the Settings (gear icon), to the left of the sub-product offering and select "Settings"Screen_Shot_2019-12-17_at_10.43.30_AM.png
  6. Click on the checkbox "Enforce an Age Limit"
  7. Enter the Minimum Age and Minimum Age as of

This will only apply the age limit to this specific sub-product offering. You'll want to repeat this process for all sub-product offerings.

On your live Storefront page, your customers will see text beside each sub-product offering with an age restriction telling them what the cutoff birth date is. If someone tries to purchase an offering for someone who is doesn't meet the age limit, Checklick will prevent them from going any further with their registration.

You'll notice that if you are adding multiple sub-product offerings to the same product, the minimum age will be copied to the new sub-product offering.

You'll also notice that if you are creating an offering with a start date (such as a course, event or membership) that the "as of age" will automatically be set to the start date for your offering. You can change this at any time.

What happens if I leave these fields blank?

If you leave both of the age restriction fields blank, people of any age will be permitted to purchase this offering.

What happens if I enter a minimum age, but don't enter an "as of" age?

If you only enter a minimum age, Checklick will only let people purchase the offering if they meet that minimum age as of the date of their purchase (ie that same day).