De-affiliate yourself from an Organization

What does it mean to be affiliated with an Organization?

If you've made an order through an Organization's Online Registration and Payment (Storefront), or if they have added you manually to their organization, you are automatically affiliated with the Organization. This means that they have access to view your personal profile, order history with them, and any evaluations that the Organization has performed on you. They also have permission to email you, unless you unsubscribe from emails.

You can check which Organizations you are currently affiliated with by going to your personal profile page, and verifying the Tags and Affiliations section. Any tags marked in blue and begin with Affiliated with: indicate Organization affiliations. 

How can I de-affiliate myself from an Organization?

De-affiliating yourself from an Organization is as simple as:

  1. Log into your Checklick Profile at
  2. Go to your personal profile by clicking on the context menu at the top right and select "logged in as".
  3. Find the tag in the Tags and Affiliations section with the Organization's name, and click the X on the tag. 

Once you're de-affiliated from the Organization, they will no longer have access to view your personal profile, and will no longer be able to email you. Your evaluations will still be saved, and to re-affiliate yourself with an Organization in the future, contact the Organization directly to re-affiliate you with your organization.