How can I request a Checklick feature?

Making Checklick as practical as possible is a priority for us, so we love hearing your feedback on which features could help us knock it out of the park.

We evaluate these requests regularly and update our roadmap for implementation accordingly. We review requests on an ongoing basis to determine whether it is a feature we will implement.

While it's our priority to make Checklick the best it can be, we have to weigh various factors when making decisions on what features to implement.

We determine the implementation based on the following factors;

  1. Benefits to general Checklick user base - Is this a common request and will it benefit the general user base?
  2. Technical debt - what is the return on investment to our customers vs. level of risk in bugs and technical issues that may arise as a result of implementing this feature?
  3. Business Implications - Is there a good business case to implement the feature?