How do Storefront Fees work?

The standard fee for using a Checklick Storefront is a 5% charge on each customer's purchase, for all cards types, including reward cards and AMEX. This charge is subtracted from the funds transferred from our payment processor Stripe to your organization's bank account. 

Refunds and Transfers

Refunds and transfers are always free. No matter how many times you refund a payment, or transfer a customer from one SKU to another, you are only charged for the net payment. 


A customer pays $100 for a program. Since your organization is charged 5% of the payment, $95 is transferred to your bank account via Stripe, and Checklick receives $5. 

However, say your customer can no longer attend the session and requests a refund. Using the refund functionality through Checklick, the customer's card will be credited with the full $100; $95 is returned from your organization's Stripe account, and the $5 fee charged by Checklick is refunded as well. 

Transfers work similarly to returns. First a customer is charged for the new SKU, and then refunded for the other. You do not incur any extra charges for refunding or transferring.