De-affiliating vs. Deleting Account

Since there are a few different situations where you might want to de-affiliate or delete a Checklick account, it's important to know the differences between these processes. 

De-affiliating an account:

If you've made an order through an Organization's Online Registration and Payment (Storefront), or if they have added you manually to their organization, you are automatically affiliated with the Organization. This means that any Organizations you are affiliated with have access to view your personal profile, order history with them, and any evaluations that the Organization has performed on you. They also have permission to email you, unless you unsubscribe from emails

De-affiliating an account from an Organization revokes the Organization's ability to see the account's information, send emails, or perform any evaluations. 

The most frequent reasons to de-affiliate an account are:

  • The owner of the account is no longer using the services provided by the Organization
  • An account was mistakenly affiliated with the wrong Organization

Here's how to de-affiliate an account from an Organization.

Deleting an account:

Deleting an account completely removes all the account's information from the Checklick platform. Deleting an account is permanent, and cannot be undone. Because a user can be affiliated with more than one Organization, only the owner of the account is allowed to delete their own profile.

If a duplicate account has been made, the best course of action is to merge the accounts into a single profile rather than request to delete the duplicate(s).

In order to permanently delete your Checklick account, please contact our Support directly at and provide us with the username and email address associated with your account.