Credit Card vs. Offline Payments via Storefront

Checklick Storefront offers 2 ways for your customers to register and pay.

  1. Register and pay with a credit card in the same transaction (Online Registration and Payment) or;
  2. Register and select the option to pay later, via cheque, e-transfer, cash or membership account (Offline Payments)

1. Online Registration and Payment (credit card payment)

When your customers make a purchase through your Storefront, their credit card payment is processed through Checklick via a payment processor called Stripe. Stripe processes all credit card purchases and deposits all payments into your bank account. Stripe is among the world's most trusted online payment services providers and accepts most major credit cards.

2. Offline Payments

You can enable Offline Payments on your Storefront and give you customers the option to select paying later via one of the following methods:

  • Pay later with Cash
  • Pay later by Cheque
  • Pay later via E-Transfer
  • Charge Membership Account

When you select the Offline payment option, the payment isn't processed by Checklick. Checklick manages the registration portion which includes the identical checkout process as a credit card payment except once your customer selects one of the offline payment methods, you are responsible for collecting payment from customers.

Post offline payment transaction, Checklick provides functionality for you to records that payment in full or partial, provide reporting of all your received and owing payments and revenue and inventory reports.

Instead of being charged a percentage of the product cost like with credit card payments, an offline payment is charged by Checklick as a flat fee paid for in credits, which can be purchased on your Storefront Options page. 

Offline Payment Credit's are available in 3 packages:

  • 20 credits: $100
  • 50 credits: $225
  • 100 credits: $400

You can purchase offline payment credits here.

How Do Credits Work?

1 credit = 1 order containing any number of products within the order

The following are a few examples of offline credit card purchases:

  • A customer makes a purchase of a course, as well as a t-shirt in one order. When checking out, the customer selects cash as their payment method and completes the registration. This will consume 1 credit.
  • A customer purchases one course and checks out selecting cheque as the payment method, completing the registration. At a later date, the customer in a separate order decides to also purchase another course with the same payment method. Each one of these transactions consumes 1 Offline Payment credit each.
  • A customer enrolls both of their children into courses, selecting e-transfer as a payment method and completing the registration for both on a single transaction. This consumes 1 Offline Payment credit.
  • You create a quick order and select a method of payment that is one of the methods below. 1 quick order consumes 1 Offline Payment credit
    • Pay later with Cash
    • Pay later by Cheque
    • Pay later via E-Transfer
    • Charge Membership Account