Archiving Products, sub-products, discounts, taxes, questions

The archives feature is used to organize your Preview and Edit page by removing products, sub-product offerings, discounts, add-ons, taxes and storefront questions that you no longer want on your Preview and Edit page. Archiving will allow you to retain all the registration and financial data.


Archiving any one of the above mentioned will remove it from your Preview and Edit page into the Archives page.


Once you've archived any of the above mentioned, you can view them on the Archives page where you will also have the option to delete them if there is no registration data.


Archiving Products and Sub-Product Offerings

To archive products or sub-product offerings;

  1. Go to your Preview and Edit page and click on either the large gear icon or the small gear iconScreen_Shot_2020-11-26_at_9.54.41_AM.png
  2. The large gear icon will expose the option to archive the Product, in the example above it's the Membership. The small gear icon will allow you to archive the sub-product offering. In this example, it's the session beginning on Jan 1, 2020


Archiving Discounts, Add-ons, Taxes and Storefront Questions

  1. Go to Storefront > Options
  2. Click on archive to the right of any tax, discounts or Storefront questionScreen_Shot_2020-11-26_at_10.09.15_AM.png