Deleting Products, discounts, add-ons, discounts, taxes and Storefront questions

Once you've archived a product, sub-product offering, discount, add-on, tax or storefront question, you can delete them if they contain no registration or financial data.


Deleting One by One

  1. Go to Storefront > Archives
  2. Click on deleteScreen_Shot_2020-11-26_at_11.14.09_AM.png

You'll notice that you can delete products and any subproduct offerings that do not contain any registration data. All deletable sub-product offerings will be listed with 0 inventory in them and highlighted in red.


Deleting Multiple at Once

  1. Use the checkboxes on the left to select everything that you'd like to delete. You will see how many items you've selected on the top leftScreen_Shot_2020-11-26_at_11.22.00_AM.png
  2. Click on delete all selected
  3. The dialogue box will open and the number of items that are deletable will be displayed. This might differ from the number that you selected and that is because only items with no registration or financial data within them can be deleted
  4. Click on delete to confirm.