Transfer Storefront Purchase from one person to another

If someone has made a purchase for any products and you'd like to transfer that product purchase to another person, you can use this transfer feature.


This may be the feature to use in the event that a purchaser would like to transfer a purchase from one of their children to another or, a purchase was made for the wrong person.


To transfer a Storefront purchase from one person to another, follow these steps;

  1. Go to the People page and find the person by typing in their name in the search bar
  2. Once you've found the person, click on their name to bring up their profile
  3. On the black menu bar below the main tabs on the top of the page, click on Storefront Orders (If you do not see Storefront Orders as an option, this means this person does not have any Storefront purchases)
  4. On the right-hand side to the right of the Storefront Order listed, click on Transfer storefront purchase to another person (If you don't see this option, it means that the person has been removed from any purchases they've made)Screen_Shot_2021-08-13_at_1.32.28_PM.png
  5. A dialogue box will appear, you'll need to select the person you'd like to transfer the purchase to and which purchase you'd like to transfer.Screen_Shot_2021-08-13_at_1.33.15_PM.png
  6. Click Initiate Transfer

Once the transfer is made, any transactions where a storefront purchase was transferred, will be shown on the order as in the illustration below.Screen_Shot_2021-08-13_at_1.44.38_PM.png